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Calendar of holidays

It is possible to sell and buy shares in a matter of seconds due to the fact that not the share itself is sold, but the right to receive the difference in the price of the share at the time of its purchase and sale.

Date Country Tool Holiday
01.01.2019 Australia AUD, CFD New year
01.01.2019 Hongkong CFD New year
01.01.2019 Испания EUR, CFD New year
01.01.2019 Canada CAD New year
01.01.2019 USA USD, spot metals, CFD New year
01.01.2019 France EUR, CFD New year
01.01.2019 Switzerland CHF New year
01.01.2019 Japan JPY, CFD New year
01.01.2019 China CNH New year
01.01-02.01.2019 New Zeland NZD New year
01.01-02.01.2019 Russia RUB New year
02.01.2019 Switzerland CHF St. Berthold's day
02.01.2019 Japan JPY, CFD Weekend
03.01.2019 Japan JPY, CFD Weekend
08.01.2019 Russia RUB Christmas
08.01.2019 Japan JPY, CFD Coming of age day
10.01.2019 Great Britain GBP, CFD New year
15.01.2019 USA USD, spot metals, CFD Day Martin Luther King
26.01.2019 Australia AUD, CFD Australia day
Date Country Tool Holiday
06.02.2019 New Zealand NZD Waitangi Day
12.02.2019 Japan JPY, CFD Day of Foundation of the state
15.02.2019 Hongkong CFD New year's eve on the lunar calendar
15.02-21.02.2019 China CNH New year according to the lunar calendar
16.02-19.02.2019 Hongkong CFD New year according to the lunar calendar
19.02.2019 Canada CAD family day
19.02.2019 USA USD, spot metals, CFD Us presidents ' day
23.02.2019 Russia RUB Fatherland defender day
Date Country Tool Holiday
08.03.2019 Russia RUB International women day
21.03.2019 Japan JPY, CFD Day of the vernal equinox
30.03.2019 Australia AUD, CFD Dood Friday
30.03.2019 Great Britain GBP, CFD Dood Friday
30.03.2019 New Zealand NZD Dood Friday
30.03.2019 Hongkong CFD Dood Friday
30.03.2019 Germany EUR, CFD Dood Friday
30.03.2019 Spain EUR, CFD Dood Friday
30.03.2019 Canada CAD Dood Friday
30.03.2019 USA USD, металлы спот, CFD Dood Friday
30.03.2019 Switzerland CHF Dood Friday
30.03.2019 France EUR, CFD Страстная пятница
Date Country Tool Holiday
02.04.2019 Great Britain GBP, CFD Easter
02.04.2019 Germany EUR, CFD Easter
02.04.2019 Australia AUD, CFD Easter
02.04.2019 Hongkong CFD Easter
02.04.2019 Spain EUR, CFD Easter
02.04.2019 New Zealand NZD Easter
02.04.2019 Switzerland CHF Easter
02.04.2019 France EUR, CFD Easter
05.04.2019 Hong Kong CFD Qingming Festival
05.04-07.04.2019 China CNH Pure light festival
25.04.2019 Australia AUD, CFD ANZAC day
25.04.2019 New Zealand NZD ANZAC day
29.04-01.05.2019 China CNH Labor Day
30.04.2019 Japan JPY, CFD Day Of Seva
Date Country Tool Holiday
01.05.-02.05.2019 Russia RUB Spring and Labour day
02.05.2019 China CNH labor day
02.05.2019 Hong Kong CFD labor day
02.05.2019 Germany CFD labor day
02.05.2019 Great Britain GBP, CFD May Bank holiday
03.05.2019 Japan JPY, CFD Constitution day
04.05.2019 Japan JPY, CFD Green day
05.05.2019 Japan JPY, CFD Children's day
09.05.2019 Russia RUB Victory day
10.05.2019 China CNH Buddha's birthday
10.05.2019 Hong Kong CFD Buddha's birthday
23.05.2019 Canada CAD Victoria Day
30.05.2019 Great Britain GBP, CFD Day of Spring
30.05.2019 USA USD, spot metals, CFD Memorial day
Date Country Tool Holiday
02.06.2019 Switzerland CHF Ascension Of The Lord
02.06.2019 Germany CFD Ascension Of The Lord
06.06.2019 New Zealand NZD Queen's Birthday
06.06.2019 Australia AUD, CFD Festival of Duan Wu Jie (the dragon boat Festival)
12.06.2019 Russia RUB Day of Russia
13.06.2019 Australia AUD, CFD Queen's Birthday
13.06.2019 Switzerland CHF Whit
13.06.2019 Germany CFD Whit
Дата Страна Инструмент Праздник
01.07.2019 Canada CAD Canada day
01.07.2019 Hong Kong CFD Hong Kong special administrative region day
04.07.2019 USA USD, spot metals, CFD independence day
18.07.2019 Japan JPY, CFD Maritime day

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